Friday, February 04, 2011

Gary Neville mengenai di balik rahasia keberhasilannya 19 tahun di MU:
“I still wonder why I was invited back every year, and it can only have been attitude,” he once said. “If training started at 5pm, I would be there at 4.15, passing against a wall. I knew I had to do that when I saw the skills of local lads like Paul Scholes and Nicky Butt at 13. Then the out-of-town kids joined us, like David Beckham, Keith Gillespie and Robbie Savage. I was a central midfield player and I thought: ‘I’m not as good as this lot, nowhere near.’ If you aren’t the most talented player in the world, you have to sprint to keep up. You have to make sacrifices.
When I left school at 16, I made the conscious decision that I would cut myself off from all of my mates. It sounds brutal, and it was selfish, but I knew that they would be doing all sorts of teenage things that I couldn’t get involved with, even if that was just having a few drinks. I’ll always remember my dad telling me: ‘You’ve got two years to give it a real go. Never look back and wish you’d done more.’”

-Semoga berhasil dalam memerangi musuh lama saya: kemalasan diri sendiri :-D

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